The following books are recommended as good adventure stories.  An asterisk after the author’s name means that this book is part of a series.  Your librarian can help you with additional suggestions of books to read by these and other authors.

Grades 1 & 2

The Adventures of Snail at School, by John Stadler *
Snail blasts off on three adventures when he volunteers to go on three errands for his teacher.

Arthur’s Camp-Out, by Lillian Hoban *
Arthur’s overnight field trip to collect specimens all by himself becomes a scary and wet wash-out!

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express, by Eleanor Coerr
Meet “Buffalo Bill” Cody who risked his life to deliver the mail by Pony Express.

The Golly Sisters Ride Again, by Betsy Byars *
Rose and May-May, the singing and dancing Golly Sisters, take their traveling show through the West.

The Great Snake Escape, by Molly Coxe
A snake escapes from the park zoo and is rescued by an unlikely hero.

Jennifer, Too, by Juanita Havill
Jennifer’s brother Matt does not want to include her on any of his adventures, but Jennifer is hard to ignore.

The Long Way Westward, by Joan Sandin *
Jonas, Carl Erik, and their family, immigrants from Sweden, journey to their new home in Minnesota.

The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs, by Joanna Cole *
    (J 567.91)
Join Ms. Frizzle and her class on a field trip to a dinosaur dig in search of Maiasaura nests.

Marigold and Grandma on the Town, by Stephanie Calmenson
Two bunnies spend a special day together in town at the hat shop, the park, Henry’s coffee shop, and Say Cheese, the photo shop.

Molly the Brave and Me, by Jane O’Connor
Beth finds out that Molly is not the only one who is brave when she leads them out of a very confusing and scary cornfield.

Sam the Minuteman, by Nathaniel Benchley
A young boy helps defend his hometown against the British in the first battle of the American Revolution.

The Secret of Foghorn Island, by Geoffrey Hayes
Otto and Uncle Tooth find adventure as they try to solve a string of mysterious shipwrecks.

The Secret Three, by Mildred Myrick
Secret messages, handshakes and signs are all a part of a club three  boys form during summer vacation.

Ship of Dreams, by Dean Morrissey
Struggling to stay awake in order to meet the Sandman, Joey drifts off on a journey in his magical wagon.

Toad on the Road, by Susan Schade and Jon Buller
Toad hits the road on a driving adventure taking his friends here, there, and anywhere.

Wagon Wheels, by Barbara Brenner
A family of black settlers triumph over the hardships of pioneer life in early America.
Where Did That Naughty Little Hamster Go?, by Patty Wolcott
A group of children search their classroom for the adventurous Charlie Hamster.

Grades 3 & 4

The Adventures of Ratman, by Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman
Tod is transformed from an eight-year-old into a superhero Ratman, when he tries on a costume.

BookcoverAli Baba Bernstein, Lost and Found, by Johanna Hurwitz *
Thinking about becoming a detective and getting a dog, David “Ali Baba” Bernstein becomes involved in another series of hilarious adventures.

Arthur, the Kid, by Alan Coren *
Ten-year old Arthur answers an ad to be the new leader of a gang and goes on to save the day when the biggest bank in town is being robbed.

Clouds of Terror, by Catherine A. Welch
In Minnesota, two children struggle to survive a grasshopper plague in the late 1800’s.

Day of the Unicorn, by Mollie Hunter *
Heroic deeds, magic spells and a Unicorn with a toothache are all part of this tale.

Gone Fishing, by Steven Kroll
Willie and his dad go off on a fishing expedition by themselves.

Harvey’s Wacky Parrot Adventure, by Eth Clifford *
Harvey needs to find a hidden treasure and his uncle’s parrot may just have the answer.

Jason and the Escape from Bat Planet, by Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick *
Jason Harkness and his Intragalactic Troubleshooting Team grapple with General Batso and the Demon Bats.

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, by Connie and Peter Roop
During a winter storm in 1856, Abbie must keep the lights burning in a lighthouse off the coast of Maine.

The Legend of Red Horse Cavern, by Gary Paulsen*
Captured by criminals, Will “Little Bear” Tucker and his friend Sarah attempt to escape, only to find themselves lost in the caverns of Ghost Mountain.

The Little Jewel Box, by Marianna Mayer
A jewel box is a young girl’s only protection from a curse of bad luck.

Mrs. Minetta’s Car Pool, by Elizabeth Spurr
Fridays are always an adventure when Mrs. Minetta drives the car pool to school.

My Father’s Dragon, by Ruth Stiles Gannett *
Convinced that he must go to Wild Island to rescue a baby dragon, the narrator’s father brings along a magical backpack that helps him escape and save the dragon.

The Night Crossing, by Karen Ackerman
An Austrian family makes a dangerous journey to Switzerland in order to escape the Nazi’s.

Pinky and Rex Go To Camp, by James Howe *
Pinky is afraid of leaving home to go to Camp Wackatootchee with his best friend Rex.

The Saracen Maid, by Leon Garfield
Gilbert Becket, sent on a ship to the East to buy goods for his merchant father, is attacked by Barbary pirates and sold to an Arab merchant.

Silver, by Gloria Whelan
Determined to train Silver, the runt of the litter, to be a sled-racing dog, Rachel faces danger when Silver suddenly disappears into the Alaskan wilderness.

Grades 5 & 6

Adrift, by Allan Baillie
Strong currents set Flynn and his little sister adrift on the sea in an old crate while playing pirates.

Call it Courage, by Armstrong Sperry (Newbery Medal)
Called a coward by his people, Mafatu, at the age of ten, paddles his canoe out to sea to conquer his fear.

A Dangerous Promise, by Joan Lowery Nixon
It is 1861 when twelve-year-old Mike and his friend Todd run away to join the Union army, and see the horrors of war firsthand.

The Daydreamer, by Ian McEwan
Peter, an imaginative ten-year-old, recounts some of the adventures he has while daydreaming.

Drift, by William Mayne
Lost in the snowy North American wilderness, Rafe Considine is taken prisoner by two Indian women.

The Fear Place, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Two brothers who are unexpectedly left to camp alone find themselves in scary situations.

The Great Skinner Getaway, by Stephanie Tolan *
The disaster-prone Skinner clan sets off on a vacation  in their motor home, Brunhilda.

I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X, by Bruce Coville*
Rod and his bratty cousin Elspeth are kidnapped to Dimension X by a monster named Smorkus.

Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express, by Kristiana Gregory
Based on true exploits, Jimmy Spoon seeks adventure by joining the Pony Express.

Lost in the Devil’s Desert, by Gloria Skurzynski
Trapped in a truck driven by escaped convicts, eleven-year-old Kevin is left alone to die in the Devil’s Desert.

.Jim Ugly, by Sid Fleischman
Twelve-year-old Jake and his father’s dog, Jim Ugly, journey through the Old West in search of Jake’s father, an actor who suddenly disappeared

Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo
Two children journey to Johannesburg, far from their village, and bring back Mma, the only person who can save their very ill baby sister.

Night Journeys, by Avi *
Two runaway indentured servants escape into Pennsylvania in 1768 and receive unexpected help.

On the Far Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George*
Sam Gribley, still living in the Catskill Mountains faces a crisis when his sister disappears.

Julie, by Jean Craighead George *
Having survived living with a wolf pack on the Alaskan tundra for many months, Julie returns to her father’s Eskimo village.

The Philadelphia Adventure, by Lloyd Alexander *
Vesper Holly clashes again with the notorious Dr. Helvitius and is taken aback when President Ulysses S. Grant appears on her doorstep enlisting her help.

Quake, by Michael Hardcastle
Tarrian is on a train to meet her half-sister and brother when an earthquake interrupts her trip.

The River, by Gary Paulsen *
Brian Robeson, demonstrates his survival techniques to a government psychologist and experiences a second horrifying adventure.

Save Queen of Sheba, by Louise Moeri
Twelve-year-old King David and his little sister, Queen of Sheba, survived an Indian raid, but can they make it across the frontier...all alone?

The Shark Callers, by Eric Campbell
Red Alert ... Evacuate! Two teenagers at sea,  struggle to survive a tidal wave in shark-infested waters.

Slake’s Limbo, by Felice Holman
When things get rough, Aremis Slake takes refuge in the rat-infested subway tunnels of New York City.

This booklist was prepared by Genie Craner, Bryant Public Library and Renee McGrath, Syosset Public Library.  Cover artwork by Rachel S. Fox, Port Washington Public Library.  Printed and distributed by the Nassau Library System, Caroline Ward, formerly Children’s Services Manager.

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