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    **Special Note**
    Have fun with these sites, but be sure to check with an adult before entering any personal information about yourself such as name, address or telephone number!

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    Animalspicture of animals
  • ASPCA's Animaland


    Find out information on animals, careers and types of pets and how to care for them.

    Send a postcard to a friend or get an animal screensaver.

  • Explorerís Club


    Have fun while learning about the environment and how we can protect it.

  • Kratt's Creatures


    Set off on a creature adventure and explore fascinating and funny creatures the world over.

  • National Geographic World


    Enter the world of National Geographic through the kidís passport.

  • Owl Kids Online


    Online magazine about nature, science and the world we live in.

  • Ranger Rickís Kids Zone


    Play wild games, read animal jokes, or tour our amazing environment.

  • Ways of Knowing Trail


    Take an environmental adventure with four local children through the Ituri Forest in Central Africa.


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    Arts & Craftspaint palette
  • Crayola


    Are you interested in Crayola trivia or history?  Then this is the site to check.

  • Family Fun Crafts
    Crafts from Family Fun Magazine. Most of these require help from an adult.
  • Hands on Crafts for Kids
    Fun and creative craft projects for kids 7-12.

  • Marilee's Paperdoll Page
    Like paperdolls?  This is the page to check out.

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  • Arthur

    Calling fans of this famous aardvark!

  • Barbie
    Fashion fun, decorate your computer and other fun things to do.

  • Ben & Jerry
    Try out the virtual snowman and other fun things to do.

  • Between the Lions
    Visit the official site of the television show to read a story, play a game, or sing a song.

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog

    Here's the site for everyone's favorite big red dog.


    Try the fun and games section on the left hand side.

  • Nickelodeon

    Like to watch Nick?  Here's where to click!

  • PBS Kids
    Visit the site for your favorite shows, such as Reading Rainbow & Mr. Rogerís Neighborhood and Sesame Street, play games, and read funny jokes.

  • Sesame Street Central
    Find out the letter of the day or play games with your favorite Sesame Street characters

  • Snoopy
    Find out about your favorite Peanuts character, e-mail a Snoopy postcard to a friend, or see what games Lucy has available.


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    Favorite Books & Authorsreading book

  • American Girl


    See your favorite character from the American Girls' series.

  • Animorphs


    Get the latest scoop on your one of your favorite book series

  • Baby-sitter's Place


    Share the adventures of the Baby-Sitter's Club.

  • Berenstain Bears

    Print and cut dress-up dolls with loads of clothes or try an interactive trivia quiz.

  • Beverly Cleary

    Play trivia games starring all of your favorite characters, and learn more about the author.

  • Bookworm: Great Books For Kids 6-12


    Select a book to read, meet your favorite author, or get a Bookworm bookmark.

  • Dav Pilkey's Web Site O'Fun


    One of the silliest sites you will find - from children's author and illustrator Dav Pilkey.

  • Harry Potter


    All you Harry Potter fans, check out this site!

  • Harry Potter Fans


    For all Harry Potter lovers - meet other fans and talk about the books or play games.

  • Harper Collins


    Visit the HarperCollins publishing site, and see what's new in children's books or visit some of your old favorites.

  • Jan Brett's Home Page


    Send cyber-postcards, download artwork and activities, find recipes or read about Jan Brett's books.

  • Kids @ Random
    Random House Children's Books publishes some of the best loved and well-known children's books.

  • Lemony Snicket


    This site is filled with "dreadful images", "wretched information", and "unnerving games."

  • Magic School Bus


    The official site for visiting the Magic School Bus.

  • Little House on the Prairie


    Activities and information related to the books.

  • Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes


    See if you can read these favorite nursery rhymes.

  • Peggy Rathman's Site


    Join the hamsters for a ten-minute bedtime tour, send a secret message, or make an "Ants of a Banana-Bus".

  • Redwall

    Find information on the books, the author and future books to be published, as well as recipes for some of that wonderful food.

  • Roald Dahl

    Learn about the life and times of the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many other books.
  • Scholastic


    The official site for Scholastic publishing includes information about some of your favorite books and authors..

  • Seussville


    Visit with the Cat in the Hat, play games and read about new Dr. Seuss books.

  • Winnie the Pooh


    Have an "adventurific" with Winnie the Pooh and Friends.


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    Games & Hobbiesgirl drawing

  • Chess Is Fun
    Want to learn how to play chess, or how to play a little better?

  • Chess: Instant Chess
    Here, you can play an online game of chess. 
  • Coloring.Com


    Choose a picture and color it online.

  • Funbrain


    Play math baseball, spell check, fun math or write your own wacky tale.

  • Funschool


    Games for preschoolers through grade 12.

  • Games Kids Play


    Rules to popular indoor and outdoor games.


  • JigZone


    Try this site for all kids of jigsaw puzzles.

  • Kid's Cooking Club


    Recipes for kids includes muffins, pizza, pasta and chicken.


  • Kidsreads

    Look at this site for trivia games and word scrambles about your favorite books and authors.
  • Kids Korner (Pet Care)


    Learn more about taking care of your pets.

  • Kid's Mysteries


    Mini-mysteries to solve, scary stories and magic tricks to play online!

  • Kids on the Web


    Lots of fun stuff, homework help, Children's books and stories.

  • Kidz Online Games


    Enjoy online games, puzzles, storybooks and more.

  • Little Explorers


    Click on a letter of the alphabet and connect to many pictures of words with each letter and hot links to web sites about that word.

  • New York Kids


    Brain teasers, science puzzles, jokes and book reviews sponsored by WNYC Radio.

  • Online Games


    Word searches, mad libs, brain teasers and a scavenger hunt.

  • Wacky Web Tales
    Create an off-the-wall tale by filling in a form with a best friend's or teacher's name.

  • Wild World of Wonka


    Enter the world of Wonka and take a wild ride on the WONKAvator.

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  • Holidays on the Net


    Learn about celebrations throughout the year and link to craft ideas.

  • Holidays Year Round


    Explore the holidays year round with free screen savers and wallpaper, holiday links and more.

  • Thanksgiving


    Riddles, jokes, crafts and recipes are just some of the Thanksgiving goodies you can sample here.

  • Santa Claus of the North Pole


    Find out Santa's favorite songs and stories and visit his workshop.

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    Interesting Placesmap of US
  • American Museum of Natural History


    OLogy means "the study of." And here on the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy Web site, you can study and explore many cool OLogies.  If you're fascinated by spiders, then you're into ARACHNOLOGY or if you erupt with joy for volcanoes, then VOLCANOLOGY is your
  • Exploratorium

    An online interactive science museum dedicated to electronic exhibits and fun learning sites.

  • Franklin Institute Science Museum


    The Franklin Institute contains online exhibits and museum fun on science and weather.

  • Hershey ,PA


    Information about visiting Hershey, PA.

  • Long Island Children's Museum
    Browse this site to plan your visit, or click on the Hands-On web pages to have some fun.
  • National Zoo


    Take a tour of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and learn about animals.

  • San Diego Zoo
    Visit the wild animal park for information on animals.  Then send an electronic postcard of your visit.

  • Time For Kids-Around The World,28125,,00.html
    Explore new places with Time For Kids Around the World

  • The White House for Kids

    Take a tour of the White House and learn more about the history of this famous residence.

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    Math & Science Funmath book

  •  Bill Nye: The Science Guy

  • Cool Science for Curious Kids


    Explore the world of biology.  Learn where butterflies come from, what is really in the air we breathe, and other cool science information.

  • Discovery Online

    A fun place to explore technology and science.

  • Exploratorium Online Exhibits

    Fun, online exhibits from The Exploratorium Science Museum. Also available in Spanish, French and Italian.

  • Funology
    The science of having fun.
  • Math Baseball
    Try to stay at bat while answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems before you get three outs.

  • NASA Kid's Club

    Science fun and games with NASA.

  • Yuckiest Site on the Internet


    Science information presented in a yucky & fun way.

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    Sportssports equipment
  • Baseball
    Explore a baseball stadium, vote for your favorite team and player, listen to a professional baseball announcer, or enter the batting cage.

  • Baseball Scorecard
    Want to know how to keep score at a ball game? This is the site to use.

  • ESPN Sports Zone


    Find out the latest information on your favorite sport.

  • Exploratorium Sport Science
    The science behind sports.

  • Harlem Globetrotters
    Meet the team and coaches, learn about the history, or enter Kids Court to play games or do jigsaw puzzles.

  • Major League Baseball
    Team reports in the National and American Leagues.

  • Major League Soccer
    Get schedules and team information or go into KIDZONE for the Coaches' Corner and tips on how to play.
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