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Celebrate! Holidays in the USA
Developed by the US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, this is an introduction to our major holidays.

Celebrating Diversity Calendar
You can search by month, search by topic, or search by entering a keyword.
Includes our national holidays and also many little known celebrations from around the world.

Holidays Around the World

Links to holidays celebrated all over the world.

Holidays on the Net
Learn about celebrations throughout the year and link to craft ideas.

Holidays Year Round

Explore the holidays year round with free screen savers and wallpaper, holiday links and more.

Specific Holiday Sites

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
In English and Spanish, this site explains the history and significance of Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo
This site provides links to information about the history, food and celebrations of the holiday.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
Explore the 15-day celebration, learn about traditional foods and decorations, and discover taboos and superstitions.

Chinese Zodiac Signs$search?db=afkstore.db&cart=30337282741521
An explanation of the twelve signs and when they occur.


Christmas Around the World in More Than 200 Countries
Presents many aspects of Christmas from around the world, including lights, ornaments, and trees.

Envía Postales Digitales
A christmas site in English and Spanish.

Navidad Latina
A Spanish language Christmas site.

Santa's Net Christmas Traditions
Learn the customs and traditions of Christmas from around the world.


How Easter Works
This site includes alot of information on Easter, including an explanation of how
the calendar date is calculated.

Fourth of July

A Capitol Fourth
PBS Online's companion site to their television show. This site includes a history of the
fourth as well as a history of our flag.


Hanukkah: Festival of Lights
History, games, lights, and songs about the holiday.

Hanukah: Origins
Discover the origins of the holiday, then continue to read about its religious meaning, laws and customs and more.

Harvest Celebrations

This site includes many harvest celebrations including Thanksgiving and Succoth.


"Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery."

The National Juneteenth Museum
Questions and answers about why Juneteenth is celebrated.


Kwanzaa: African American Celebration
A large amount of information about the holiday.

Kwanzaa Information Center
Kwanzaa's symbols, principles, and more are included here.

Labor Day

The History of Labor Day
The history of Labor Day from the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day
The History Channel presents information about the history of Memorial Day, statistics about America's wars,
and links to message boards where you can write a message to veterans and their families.

Memorial Day
This thorough site discusses the history of Memorial Day, contains the President's remarks about Memorial Day, includes
tips on how to celebrate the holiday, and has numerous links to memorials, images and speeches.

New Year

Auld Lang Syne
Only know the first two lines? Find out the rest of the words to this traditional song.

see also, the general holiday sites above.


Passover on the Net
This site explains the story of Passover, the seder meal, music, recipes, and RealAudio sound clips of Passover readings
music and children's stories.

Pesach: Passover
From the Judaism 101 Web site, learn about the history and practices of Passover, including the seder meal and
passover music.


Ramadan on the Net
Learn about the Ramadan holiday here.


Bountiful Thanksgiving: History/Documents/Places
You can find information on the history of the holiday and the places associated with it, as well as historical documents.

The First Thanksgiving
This site is brought to you by the Plimoth Planatation, a living history museum. It explains the facts surrounding this holiday, including what the first Thanksgiving feast foods were (includes recipes) and who actually attended the first feast in 1621.

The Pilgrim's 1621 Thanksgiving
This page presents a transcript of the first Thanksgiving's activities, including what the differences between the foods they actually ate and what is
eaten today.

Valentine's Day

History of Valentines Day
The history of the holiday from The History Channel.

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