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Calculating Machines
From an 1885 adding machine and an abacus to history of the machines from 1623
to 1970. Use the menu on the left to navigate the site.

Cyber Telephone Museum
A detailed history of the telephone with great pictures of each stage of its development.

The History of Invention
Follow the time line on the bottom of the screen for inventions from ancient to modern times.

Invention Dimension
Features an Inventor of the Week. You are able to search their archives for other
inventors as well.

Inventors Museum
Links to many inventors: african-american, colonial, medical, transportation and much more.

Inventure Place: National Inventors Hall of Fame
Biographies of inventors. Pick an invention channel and look for your invention.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
Find out about technology, DNA, robotics, energy, matter and much more.

Technology Timeline
This site from PBS' American Experience series presents a timeline from 1750 to
1990s of American inventions and innovative achievements. Click on the invention or
achievement on the timeline to learn more about it.

This Day in Technology History
This site provides historic events and facts for today's date in history. Searchable by

Transistor History
Follows the path of invention with notable biographies and information.

Who Invented it?
A list of inventions and who invented them. From the Christchurch City Library in New Zealand.

What did they invent?
A list of inventors and what they invented. From the Christchurch City Library in New Zealand.

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