The following books are recommended as good scary stories. An asterisk after the authorís name means that this book is part of a series.   Your librarian can help you with additional suggestions of books to read by these and other authors.

Grades 1 & 2

After-School Monster, by Marissa Moss
When Luisa comes home from school she finds a monster waiting to eat her.

Babar and the Ghost, by Laurent Brunhoff
While spending the night in a castle Babarís family meets a ghost.

Bumps in the Night, by Harry Allard
Dudley, the Stork, calls upon his friends to help him get rid of the ghost that is haunting his new house.

Did You Say Ghosts? by Richard Michelson
A childís parent says there are no such things as ghosts, witches, vampires or other scary creatures.

Four on the Shore, by Edward Marshall
Spider and his friends try to scare his younger brother Willie, but guess who has the last laugh?

Ghost of Windy Hill, by Clyde Robert Bulla
Professor Carver and his family move temporarily in order to prove to everyone that the home they are staying in is not haunted.

Ghosts in Fourth Grade, by Constance Hiser
James and his friends decide to haunt an abandoned house on Halloween in order to scare the class bully.

Go Away Monsters, Lickety Split, by Nancy Cooney
Jeffrey is afraid that there are monsters in his house until his grandmother comes up with a solution.

Gunniwolf, by Wilhelmina Harper
A young girl ignores the warnings of her mother and goes into the forest where the Gunniwolf lives.

Iím Coming to Get You, by Tony Ross
A monster from another planet lands on earth to get little Tommy Brown.

My Mama Says There Arenít Any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires, Creatures, Demons, Monsters,  Fiends, Goblins, or Things, by Judith Viorst
A young boy is told by his mother that there is no such thing as ghosts, but, his mother isnít always right.

Something Queer at the Haunted School, by Elizabeth Levy*
Jill and Gwen investigate the possibility that their school may be haunted.

Tailypo, by Joanna Galdone
A creature haunts a man who has cut off its tail.

Thereís a Monster Under My Bed, by James Howe
Simon is sure there are monsters hiding under his bed.

Wiley and the Hairy Man, by Molly Bang
Wiley and his mother outsmart the hairy creature that lives in the swamp near their home.

Grades 3 & 4

Among the Dolls, by William SleatorVicki is terrified by the malicious and deadly behavior of the occupants of a doll house that she received for her birthday.
Bunnicula, by James Howe*
Chester, a cat is convinced that the familyís new pet rabbit is a vampire.

Devils Donkey, by Bill Brittain
Daníl Pitt didnít believe in magic until he came up against Old Magda the witch who turned him into a donkey.

Footsteps on the Stairs, by C.S. Adler
Dodie and her stepsister investigate the sounds of footsteps heard in the house where they are spending their summer.

Ghost Cat, by Beverly Butler
Annabel is contacted by a ghost cat and unravels a mystery that happened many years before.

Ghost Comes Calling, by Betty Wright
Chad tries to help the ghost of Tim Tapper, a man who was blamed for a truck accident that happened long ago.

Ghostly Business, by Stephen Krensky
When the Wynd children come upon ghosts who are helping a real estate agent illegally acquire property, they become determined to put a stop to it.

Ghost of a Chance, by Joan Davenport-Carris
While searching for lost treasure Punch and his friend Tom stumble upon Hammock House, said to be haunted by Blackbeard the pirate.

Ghost on Saturday Night, by Sid Fleischman
Opie is given two front row seats to a ghost-raising and ends up helping to catch two bank robbers.

Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane, by Sam McBrantney
When the Sweet children move into their new home, they find out that it is haunted by three ghosts

The Haunting, by Margaret Mahy
After the death of his Uncle Barnaby, Barney begins receiving supernatural messages.

My Friend the Vampire, by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
Tony Noodleman is visited one night by a young vampire and the two become friends.

Nuttyís Ghost, by Dean Hughes
An oddly dressed ghost warns Nutty not to be in the movie that he is starring in.

Prisoner of Vampires, by Nancy Garden
Alexanderís life is suddenly in danger when he meets real vampires in a local library.

Secret of the Floating Phantom, by Norma Lehr
Kathy is led by a fog-like phantom to a treasure hidden by pirates over 150 years ago.

Grades 5 & 6

Danger at the Fair, by Peg Kehret
Ellen Streater receives a warning during a seance that her brother Corey is in trouble.

Doll in the Garden, by Mary Downing Hahn
After Ashley and her friend Kristi find an antique doll buried in old Miss cooperís garden, they discover they can go into the past.

Figure in the Shadows, by John Bellairs
When Lewis becomes the owner of a magic amulet, many strange and scary events begin to happen.

Ghost Belonged to Me, by Richard Peck
Alexander meets a ghost in his barn and finally helps her get to her resting place.

Ghost Cadet, by Elaine Alphin
Benjy Stark tries to help Cadet William Hugh McDowell, a ghost who was killed more than one hundred years ago in a Civil War battle.

Ghost of Thomas Kempe, by Penelope Lively
When James and his family move to a new home James finds himself constantly being blamed for the tricks Thomas Kempe, a ghost, has been doing.

Green Willow, by Eileen Dunlop
Kit begins working on an old abandoned Japanese garden where she uncovers many mysteries.

The Griffin Legacy, by Jan OíDonnell-Klaveness
While visiting relatives Amy helps a ghost find Silver that was stolen from a church.

The Haunting of Holroyd Hill, by Brenda Seabrooke
Melinda, her brother and her friend Kevin must find out who the civil war ghost is that they keep seeing.

House of Shadows, by Andre Norton
Mike and Susan go to live temporarily with their great aunt in a house where an invisible force seems to be controlling their younger brother.

The Interstellar Pig, by William Sleator
Barnie begins playing a game with his neighbors called Interstellar Pig which, if he loses, the real earth will be destroyed.

The Late, Great Dick Hart, by Bernal Payne
Thirteen-year-old Tom Underwood is visited by his friend Dick who died and is taken for a brief tour of the afterworld.

Marvelous Marvin and the Pioneer Ghost, by Bonnie Pryor
Three kids solve a mystery involving a ghost and the polluting of their favorite stream

Night Walkers, by Otto Coontz
Children are coming down with a mysterious virus and Nora must think of a way to stop it.

Nightwaves, by Collin McDonald
In one tale in this collection of short stories, a boy constructs a radio that tells him the future; in
another, a girl is turned into a flower.

The Oracle Doll, by Catherine Dexter
Three children become the guardians of a talking doll that is actually a reincarnated ancient Goddess.

Out of the Dark, by Betty Wright
Jessica begins to have nightmares about an old schoolhouse in the woods while at the same time she sees the ghost of a young woman.

The Pit, by Ann Cheetham
Oliver finds himself back in the 1600ís during the outbreak of the bubonic plague.

Rosemaryís Witch, by Ann Turner
Rosemary discovers that a 150-year-old witch who once lived in her familyís new house wants the house back.

The Shimmering Ghost of Riversend, by Norma Lehr
Kathy is visited by a ghost who seems to be trying to tell her something.

Something Upstairs, by Avi
By traveling back in time Kenny helps the ghost of a black slave child.

Stonewords, by Pam Conrad
Zoe becomes friends with an eleven-year-old ghost and tries to prevent her untimely death.

Taste of Smoke, by Marion Dane-Bauer
While on a camping trip Caitlin is visited by a ghost boy who died in a fire a hundred years ago.

The Trespassers, by Zilpha Snyder
Neely and her brother spend many hours at the deserted Halcyon mansion until the owners return.

Whoís There, by Stephanie Tolan
After their parents die, Drew and Tolan go to live with their aunt and grandfather in a house that seems to be haunted.

Witchís Fire, by Beverly Butler
Kristyís life changes when she goes to live with her father and stepfamily in a house once inhabited by a witch.

Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken
Bonnie and her cousin Sylvia are temporarily left in the care of the terrible Miss Slighcarp.

This booklist and cover artwork was prepared by Rachel S. Fox, Port Washington Public Library.  Printed and distributed by the Nassau Library System, Caroline Ward, formerly Childrenís Services Manager.

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