The following books are recommended as good science fiction reading.  An Asterisk (*) after the author’s name means that this book is part of a series.  Your librarian can help you with additional suggestions of these and other authors.

Grades 1 & 2

A Robot Named Chip, by Philippe Dupaquier
An accidental shock reactivates the memory of Peter’s robot, Chip, making him smarter than he was designed to be.

Alistair  in Outer Space, by Marilyn Sadler*
Sensible Alistair always returns his library books on time but this changes when the Goots whisk him away.

The Blue Rocket Fun Show or, Friends Forever!, by Thomas P. Lewis
Ride the Outer Space Merry-Go-Round and the Loop-the-Loop Racer and discover a secret about Niki’s family.

Commander Toad & the Planet of the Grapes, by Jane Yolen*
Commander toad’s spaceship “Star Warts” sets out on a mission: to explore the scary “Planet of the Grapes.”

Company’s Coming, by Arthur Yorinks
When a flying saucer lands in their yard, Moe and Shirley, a suburban couple from Bellmore, invite the two visiting spacemen to dinner.

Earthlets as Explained by Professor Xargle, by Jeanne Willis*
There’s so much to learn about Earth babies and Professor Xargle, the wise alien teacher, can explain it all.

Ellsworth and the Cats from Mars, by Patience Brewster
Ellsworth is thrilled to receive his own spaceship from the Cat-Martians until he finds himself stranded in space.

Guys from Space, by Daniel Pinkwater
What do you do when a spaceship lands in your backyard, and some friendly space guys invite you to join them to an unexplored planet?

It Came from Outer Space, by Tony Bradman
Children in an elementary class find themselves face-to-face with an ugly looking visitor from another planet.

Jed and the Space Bandits, by Jean and Claudio Marzollo*
Zoom off with Jed’s Space Patrol as they help Molly to rescue her parents from evil space bandits.

The Long Blue Blazer, by Jeanne Willis
Find out why the strange new boy at school refuses to take off his long blue coat.

Moog-Moog, Space Barber, by Mark Teague
Can Moog-Moog, the famous barber of the universe, fix poor Elmo’s embarrassing back-to-school haircut?

Ready-Set-Robot!, by Lillian and Phoebe Hoban
Robot Sol-1 is going to roll in the Digi-Maze Race, but first he must find his power pack in his messy room.

Ruthie’s Rude Friends, by Jean and Claudio Marzollo
Homesick for Earth and tired of being teased by the other kids on Planet X10, Ruthie wanders outside the space station and comes face-to-face with a terrifying three-headed beast.

Space Case, by James Marshall
A beeping creature from outer space goes trick or treating with Buddy McGee and them follows him home.

Space Rock, by Jon Buller and Susan Schade
Imagine finding a talking purple rock that has fallen out of its spaceship!

Super Cluck, by Jane and Robert O’Connor
Even with his super strength, alien chick “Chuck Cluck” can’t seem to do anything right.

UFO Diary, by Satoshi Kitamura
Lost in space, a UFO lands on earth and explores the planet with the help of a friendly boy.

Grades 3 & 4

Aliens for Breakfast, by Jonathan Etra and Stephanie Spinner
A freeze-dried alien crawls out of Richard's cereal and begins a fight to save earth from the Deadly Dranes.

Aliens for Lunch, by Jonathan Etra and Stephanie Spinner
When a tiny pink alien emerges from a bag of microwave popcorn, Richard and Henry help him preserve all the desserts of the universe.

Barney in Space, by Margaret Goff Clark
Rokell, a Gark from the planet Ornam, must capture earthling Barney because he knows too much about the Garks’ plan to escape their dying planet.

C.L.U.T.Z., by Marilyn Wilkes*
Rodney loves the family robot’s almost human personality, but his parents are upset by the disasters that follow wherever C.L.U.T.Z. goes.

Fat Men From Space, by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
Through his new tooth filling which receives radio programs, William learns about an invasion by fat spacemen who plan to steal all the junk food on earth.

The Green Book, by Jill Paton Walsh
Fleeing from a dying earth, Pattie and her family arrive on the planet Shine where they face repeated crop failures and giant moths.

The Iron Giant, by Ted Hughes
Because he devours their tractors, cars, and barbed wire fences, local farmers fear the Iron Giant until he saves them from a space dragon.

Jason & the Aliens Down the Street, by Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick
Alien Cooper Vor and his talking cat-like creature, ask earthling Jason to assist them in finding the “funniest robot in the galaxy.”

Journey to Boc Boc: the Kidnapping of a Rock Star, by Oscar de Mejo
When extraterrestrial Lysidra sees the famous rock star Jack Michael’s on interplanetary video, she tries to whisk him away from his true love.

My Trip to Alpha 1, by Alfred Slote
Jack travels by Voya-Code six million light years from earth in just a few seconds and discovers that Voya-Code is being used illegally by evil people.

Omega Station, by Alfred Slote*
James and his Robot buddy Danny help stop the evil scientist, Otto Drago, from destroying the universe!

The Oscar J. Noodleman Television Network, by Stephen Manes
Oscar experiments with a newly invented home video recorder and camera, and discovers that his pictures are appearing on television sets all over town.

Stinker from Space, by Pamela F. Service
Fleeing from an enemy cruiser, an alien crash lands on earth, transfers his mind to a skunk’s body, and solicits the help of Karen & Jonathan for his return.

The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, by Eleanor Cameron*
David’s dream of traveling to a small planet might come true if he and his friend Chuck can design and build a spaceship as quickly as possible.

Grades 5 & 6

Away Is a Strange Place To Be, by H.M. Hoover
In the year 2349, twelve-year-old Abby is kidnapped from the planet Earth and transported to an artificial world where she is forced into slavery.

A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeline L’Engle*
With the help of three mysterious strangers, Meg, her friend Calvin, and her younger brother set out on a dangerous journey through the 5th dimension to rescue their father.

Beloved Benjamin is Waiting, by Jean E. Karl
Threatened by a street gang after her mother’s disappearance, Lucinda takes refuge in an abandoned house where she communicates with another galaxy.

Calling B for Butterfly, by Louise Lawrence
When Space Vehicle Sky Rider is destroyed by an asteroid, four teenagers and two small children board Life Ferry B.  Somehow they must find a way home.

The Deadly Hoax, by Scott Corbett
Sid and Morgan suspect that the space visitors are not what they claim to be and may have other reasons for taking control of the Earth.

Fast Forward, by Jenny Pausacker
With his grandmother’s invention, a remote control, Anti-Boredom Machine, Kieran can fast forward his life, travel back in time, or pause to play a trick on someone.

Finders Keepers, by Emily Rodda
While playing a computer game, Patrick is transported to a parallel world where he competes in a lost-and-found game show on T.V.

Jonas McFee, A.T.P., by Sarah Sargent
When he accidentally acquires an unusual blue crystal from outer space, Jonas becomes the “Awful Terrible Powerful One” with an ability to control people and events.

Max & Me & the Time Machine, by Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick
A time machine transports Steve and his friend Max back to England in the year 1250 AD where they try to survive a series of hilarious adventures.

Me Two, by Mary C. Ryan
Wilf’s microscopic egg hatching experiment goes haywire, leaving him with an exact duplicate of himself.

The Power Twins, by Ken Follett
Endowed with secret powers, the Price twins try to settle a dispute between two powerful factions who want to control the valuable Worm Planet.

Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot, by Janet and Isaac Asimov*
Jeff Wells, a student at the Space Academy, buys an unusual robot and soon discovers that this robot has strange abilities plus a mind of its own!

Shy Guys to White Cat, by Beatrice Gormley
Allison adopts a stray cat, Sharkey, and worries that aliens might be communicating with him via his strange plastic collar.

Space Demons, by Gillian Rubinstein
Andrew and his friends are hurled through the screen into the terrifying depths of the powerful “Space Demons” computer game.

The Time and Space of Uncle Albert, by Russell Stannard
Beamed into space in her uncle’s “thought bubble” spacecraft, Gedanken learns how to gain weight without getting fat, how to get flattened without being hurt, and how to travel at almost the speed of sound.

This Place Has No Atmosphere, by Paula Danziger
It’s the year 2057 and 13-year-old Aurora panics when her parents announce that the family will be moving to a colony on the moon.

Too Much  Magic by Betsy and Samuel Sterman
Find out what has four feet, thirty-seven pairs of sneakers, tons of toys and games, and the ability to make broccoli disappear.

Wanted:  UFO, by Beatrice Gormley
Shocked to find toothpaste-eating aliens in her friend Nick’s home, Elise is determined to uncover their mission.

Whatever Became of Aunt Margaret?,  by Gene DeWeese
Twins David and Julie love to joke about the pod people in the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, until they discover the shocking truth about their Aunt Margaret.

The White Mountains, by John Christopher*
The huge Tripods who control the world require all 14-year-olds to have caps implanted in their skulls rendering them helpless and obedient.  Will, Henry, and Beanpole plan to escape out of reach of the Tripods.

This booklist was prepared, by Ilene Leibowitz, North Merrick Public Library and Mary-Teresa Agolia, formerly Garden City Public Library.  Artwork, by Rachel S. Fox, Port Washington Public Library.  Printed and distributed, by the Nassau Library System. Caroline Ward, formerly Children’s Services Manager.

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