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Sports Illustrated for Kids

US Figure Skating Association

WWW Women's Sports Page


General Baseball Sites

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1943-1954

History of U.S. major league baseball parks, football stadiums, hockey rinks, covering current, former, and planned parks. Provides photographs, statistics, history, and trivia for each field.

Baseball Almanac
This site provide stats including famous firsts, fabulous feats, famous families, and example autographs.
This site provides stats and scores and a player finder. The site also provide information about independent leagues.

Baseball Cards: 1887-1914
View electronic images of the front and back of early baseball cards. Browse by team, player, city, or league.
This site provides stats, scores, and injuries lists for the major and minor leagues and has links to team Web sites.

Baseball: The Game and Beyond
This site from Thinkquest presents how to create a curve ball pitch, how to figure out how far a ball will travel when hit, how one should twist his/her body when swinging the bat, and more.

Black Baseball's Negro Baseball Leagues
This site presents the history of the teams and players of the Negro Leagues and includes photos, soundclips from some of the famous negro baseball league players.

History of the World Series

Little League On-Line

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The Science of Baseball

This Day in Baseball History


Boarding & Inline Skating

Skateboard Science



Hockey Hall of Fame


The Iditarod & Sled Dogs

The Iditarod

Cabela's Iditarod
This site includes information on the Husky, the dog of the Iditarod, pre-race and up-to-the-minute updates on the race as it occurs. The site also includes an education section that a number of lesson ideas.

The Alaska Daily News provides online facts and up-to-the-minute race standing and results. The site includes a race guide, race history back to 1998.

Iditarod: Dog Days in Alaska
This Discovery Channel site follows a rookie team as the face the elements and race the Iditarod.

Iditarod: Race Across Alaska
Scholastic presents this online activity site about the Iditarod, the racers, facts and statistics of towns along the trail, and more.

Junior Iditarod
Learn about teens mushing the Iditarod, read their short biographies and keep track of who is where in the race and who won.

What You Should Know About the Iditarod
This site presents detailed information about the Iditarod.


The Olympics

The Ancient Olympics
"In this exhibit, you can compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times."

An Educator's Guide to the Olympics
Learn about the traditions of the game, countries, customs, and discover some everyday heroes.

BBC History of the Olympics

History of the Modern Olympics
This site includes a survey of modern Olympic history and an explanation for Olympic symbols under the Interesting Olympic Facts link.

International Olympic Committee
From the International Olympic Committee.

An Olympic Games Primer
This is a great overview of the Olympics from ancient times to the present from the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles.

Olympic Overview
The United States Olympic Committee Web site provides an outstanding history of the games and Olympic symbols.

Olympics Through Time
This site breaks down the history of the Olympics into three sections: Prehistory (ancient Olympics), Antiquity (classical), and Revival (modern).

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
This site answers frequently asked questions about the ancient olympics: When were the first games? Were women allowed to participate? How commerical were the games? Find the answers here.

Special Olympics International
This site presents games and competition information, including the different sports events held at the special olympics, as well as volunteer information.

Future Olympics

Athens 2004 Games
Official 2004 summer olympics hosted by Athens, Greece.

Torino 2006 Games

Official 2006 winter olympics site for Torino, Italy.



Soccer information from around the world.

History of the Game

Major League Soccer

Women's United Soccer Association

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