picture of mother pulling childThe topic of disciplining a child is a complex one. There are many different theories on what is the best way to discipline. The resources listed here offer ways to explore this issue.

Internet Resources

Family Education
This section of Family Education provides links to articles on discipline that are age appropriate.

Kid Source Online

This is an article from the National Commission to Prevent Child Abuse called “How to Teach Your Children Discipline”.

Kinder Start

KinderStart is a very easy to use search engine that has many links to sites dealing with children from birth to age 7.

Library Resources

Books about Discipline may be located in either the Children’s or Adult area classified under Dewey numbers 649.1 (child development) or 649.64 (discipline). They may also be in a special parenting collection in the Children’s area. Magazine and newspaper articles can be found in your local library's database collection. Your local librarian will be happy to help you locate the materials you need or visit your library online at www.nassaulibrary.org/list/nasslist.html


Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline: the 7 Basic Skills For Turning Conflict Into Cooperation by Rebecca Bailey.
This approach uses “7 powers for self control” to help adults provide children with the love and guidance they need to grow and prosper.

The Encouraging Parent: How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids and Start Teaching Them Confidence by Rodney Kennedy.
Contains a wealth of information on how to teach kids self-discipline. Gives simple suggestions for discipline that is effective and loving at the same time.

How to Keep Your Teenager Out of Trouble and What to Do if You Can't by Neil Bernstein.
Helps parents identify whether their teens are exhibiting typical behavior or real danger signs and tells what to do about it.

I Refuse to Raise a Brat: Straightforward Advice on Parenting in an Age of Overindulgence by Marilu Henner.
This explores the long-term effects of overgratifying youngsters and offers a wealth of advice in a question-and-answer format.

Kids Are Worth It!: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline by Barbara Coloroso.
This theory encourages kids to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and learn from their mistakes.

Smart Discipline: Fast, Lasting Solutions for Your Peace of Mind and Your Child's Self-Esteem by Larry Koenig.
Shows how to use a five-step Smart Discipline system to quickly solve common problems and empower parents to get their children self-motivated.


Parents Magazine (www.parents.com) offers help on child rearing including the topic of discipline.


How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too!
A collection of entertaining stories and practical ideas gathered from real parents.

1-2-3 Magic.
A simple, practical guide to increase the self-esteem of yourself and your child.

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