Child & Teen Health

The health and physical well-being of your child or teen is one of your most important concerns as a parent. This guide will help you locate health information to address everyday health needs, nutrition concerns, prevention, specific conditions and diseases, and medical emergencies.

Internet Resources

There is a vast amount of medical and health information on the Internet. The following websites specifically address child and teen health issues. When searching for additional information, consider using keywords such as "infant health," "child health," "children health," "teen health," and "adolescent health." Please remember to check that the information you find is from a reputable source.

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Children's Health Websites - Health/Medical/Dental
The topics included in the "Health/Medical/Dental" section of Kinderstart (an Internet search engine) include birthmarks, common childhood illnesses, first aid, immunizations, and diseases.

This site contains health information for parents, kids, and teens from medical experts of the Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to children's health.

MEDLINEplus - Child and Teen Health Topics
Over 25 child and teen health topics are listed in this vast site that is a service of the National Library of Medicine, including ADD, autism, child safety, ear infections, rubella, SIDS, teenage pregnancy, toilet training & bedwetting, and whooping cough. Two topics that parents should be sure to check out are "Children's Health" and "Children's Page."

WebMDHealth - Parenting and Pregnancy
WedMD provides health news for the public, medical news for physicians, and up-to-date medical reference databases. The section entitled "Parenting and Pregnancy" includes recent parenting and pregnancy articles, special features, Q&As, and Live Web events.

Teen Health Websites

American Medical Association Adolescent Health On-Line
This is a resource for information on adolescent health issues for health care professionals. One section of the site includes easy-to- understand information on popular topics for adolescents and their families.

MEDLINEplus - Child and Teen Health Topics
Over 25 child and teen health topics are listed in this vast site that is a service of the National Library of Medicine, including ADD, autism, child safety, ear infections, rubella, SIDS, teenage pregnancy, toilet training & bedwetting, and whooping cough. Two topics that parents of adolescents will want to check out are "Teen Health" and "Teen's Page."

"Just for Teens" Websites

Two sites that are directed to teens are listed here because the concerns and information in these sites will be of great interest to parents.
This site is advertised as "the Web site thousands of teens go to for their health information." It was established in 1999 by a team of pediatricians to address the growing trend of teenagers turning to the Internet for health information and the need for reliable and useful information about topics such as emotions, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, puberty, sex, fitness, and stress.

This site includes health information written for teens from medical experts of the Nemours Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to children's health. Topics covered include body basics, sexual health, food & fitness, and safety.

Library Resources

Most libraries will have numerous books covering child and teen health issues in their reference and circulating collections. Your library's database collection is another resource that you may want to explore. Check with your librarian if you need help searching this resource or visit your library online at

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to your Child's Allergies and Asthma : breathing easy and bringing up healthy active children by Michael J. Welch.
This comprehensive book is an invaluable resource for parents who want answers and information about their children's allergies and asthma.

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to your Child's Nutrition: making peace at the table and building healthy eating habits for life by William H. Deitz.
An authoritative, comprehensive resource that provides parents information about their children's nutrition. It provides useful tips for concerned parents on how to feed their children well without turning into the food police.

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to your Child's Sleep: birth through adolescence by George J. Cohen.
Packed with practical tips, this book is an innovative guide to helping your child -- and you -- sleep through the night.

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to your Child's Symptoms : the official home reference, birth through adolescence by Donald Schiff, Steven P. Shelov, editors.
Enables parents to identify a symptom quickly, learn its possible cause, and determine how best to proceed.

American Medical Association Complete Guide to your Children's Health by Edward S. Traisman.
This guide provides parents with a quick, highly comprehensive look at
normal childhood development patterns, safety and educational concerns, and childhood illness and disease.

The Children's Hospital Guide to your Child's Health and Development by Children's Hospital Boston.
Assembled by a highly credentialed team of Harvard educators and presented in a friendly, matter-of-fact style with simple but helpful illustrations, this guide is a veritable encyclopedia on current developmental theory, medical recommendations and diverse parenting ideas.

Children's Medical Guide by Steve Z. Miller, Bernard Valman.
Includes in-depth information on all the major childhood diseases and disorders, as well as treatments and first aid specially tailored for children. Enables parents to make informed decisions about their child's health.

Feeding your child for lifelong health : birth through age six bySusan B. Roberts and Melvin B. Heyman
This book will help parents teach their kids to like healthful foods, thus getting them into a lifelong habit of eating well and staying healthy.

Good Health for African-American Kids by Barbara M. Dixon, with Josleen Wilson.
The first book to address the unique health concerns of African-American children and to offer parents guidelines for raising healthy kids.

KISS Guide to Baby and Child Care by Joanna Moorhead.
From the "Keep it Simple Series", this title covers all the basics in baby and child care.

A Parent's Guide to Teen Health: raising physically & emotionally healthy teens
by Paul Reisser.
This title gives broad coverage of all things related to raising teenagers from their bodies and minds, to drugs and sexuality.

The Portable Pediatrician's Guide to Kids
by Laura Walther Nathanson.

Authoritative and to-the-point, this guide covers physical and behavior issues, common childhood diseases, important pediatic concepts and controversies such as growth patterns and immunizations, and a complete glossary of medical terms.

The Practical Pediatrician : the A to Z guide for your child's health, behavior, and safety by Howard Markel, Frank A. Oski.
This commonsense handbook focuses on the health, behavioral, and safety needs of children from birth to about eight years of age.

The Savvy Mom's Guide to Medical Care : everything you need to know to get top quality care for your child from one of the nation's leading physicians by Pamela F. Gallin and Kathy Matthews.
This guide teaches moms how to get top-quality health care. Written in a warm and reassuring style, it addresses the most common situations that arise with children's health.

The Teen Health Book: a parent's guide to adolescent health by Ralph Lopez.
Find information on teen health and hygiene.

The Watts Teen Health Dictionary by Charlotte Isler and Alwyn T. Cohall.
Using a dictionary format to present information about teen health, this book includes information on hot lines, medications, street drugs, and health care specialists.

You Have to Say I'm Pretty, You're My Mother: how to help your daughter learn to love her body and herself by Stephanie Pierson and Phyllis Cohen.
Useful and practical advice on how to talk and listen to your daughter in order to help her understand her ever-changing emotions and body.

To locate additional books on children and teen health, check your library's online catalog under subject headings such as:

Children - Diseases
Children - Health and hygiene
Children - Nutrition
Children - Sleep
Infants - Diseases
Infants - Health and hygiene
Infants - Nutrition
Infants - Sleep
Teenagers - Diseases
Teenagers - Health and hygiene
Teenagers - Nutrition
Teenagers - Sleep

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