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There is an enormous amount of information about keeping your children safe online. Here we attempt to offer you a few of the best websites. Most of the websites we looked at repeated what these few have to offer.

There is no one size fits all solution to keeping our kids safe online. However, there are some basic rules for online safety. We suggest surfing these sites, and then taking an online quiz with your child. Talk to them about their answers. Print out the "Family Contract for Online Safety" available online at safekids.com, and stick by it.

Nothing can replace parental involvement, but here is information that we hope will provide you with an understanding of the issue, and better prepare you to guide your children as they surf the web. Our own self-published booklet entitled "Parents Internet Guide: searching wisely and safely" is available to download in PDF format.

Internet Resources

If you are looking for more websites on the topic, try using these terms when you do your search: "Internet Safety" and "Children and Internet."

Cyberangels is a worldwide volunteer organization that is dedicated to helping people who need help online.

Hosted by Internet Industry Corporations & Public Service Organizations, this is a large, excellent resource. Their safety guides are grouped by age from 2-17 years-old.

Kidz Privacy
The Federal Trade Commission's tips for keeping personal information about your children private when online and their rules for website operators.

Parent's Internet Guide
Learn how to keep your children safe. Includes"discussion starters" to help you talk to your kids about online safety. This booklet was written by the Nassau Library System's Technology Committee and is available online. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to acess it. Click here if you want to download the free software.

Safekids.com is probably the most respected online safety site. The creator, Larry Magid wrote "Child Safety on the Information Highway" for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. That article is available here as well as a wealth of other useful and timely information.

Surf Swell Island
Produced by Disney, Goofy, Minnie & Mickey guide your child through 3 quizzes to help young children understand online safety. Fun & informative.

Library Resources


Your local puclic library can be a great resource for books dealing with online issues. Your library's database collection is another resource that you may want to explore. Check with your librarian if you need help searching this resource or visit your library online at www.nassaulibrary.org/list/nasslist.html

Cybersafety: surfing online by Joan Vos MacDoland.
Practical book on surfing the Internet safely.

Keeping Kids Safe: Guide for Parents of Toddlers and Teens-and all the years in-between by Kenneth Shore.
One chapter addresses internet safety in this informative and reassuring book for parents.

The Parent's Guide to Protecting Children in Cyberspace by Parry Aftab.
Parents will find a wealth of useful tips and information presented in a friendly and entertaining manner.

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