School Safety

The following resources are intended to give you a starting place for finding ways to help you keep your children safe while they attend school.

Internet Resources

When searching the Internet on this topic, consider using the keywords "school safety" or "safety school"

Keep Schools Safe
A collection of resources to help make schools safer.

Safe Schools Now
This site by the National Education Association is designed to fortify families, communities, and schools with information and tools to promote school safety and keep children from harm.

The Safety Zone
The National Resource Center for Safe Schools works with schools and other agencies to create safe learning environments.

Library Resources

You can find information about safety at your local library. Books may be located in either the children's or adult area classified under Dewey number 372.177. Your library's database collection will give you access to magazine and newspaper articles. Your local librarian will be happy to help you locate the materials you need or visit your library online at

Creating Emotionally Safe Schools by Jane Bluestein. 2001
Discusses how important a safe atmosphere at school is to child development and offers safety measures for parents and teachers.

Keeping American Schools Safe by Anne G. Garrett. 2001
This handbook for parents, educators and law enforcement professionals includes chapters on security procedures and adolescent violence.

Safety at School by Joanne Mattern.
This title for younger children discusses how to be safe while in school or going to school.

Safety on the School Bus by Lucia Raatma. 1999
This title gives tips on how to wait, board and prevent accidents on the school bus.

School Violence by Denise Bonilla. 2000
A series of essays about school violence by reporters and child psychologists.


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