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General Parenting Sites

There are a number of very large parenting sites that do not simply fit into one category. While they can be difficult to navigate, they contain a large amount of solid, reliable information. Our parenting site would not be complete without them.

Internet Resources
This site delivers quick tips and advice for working mothers.

This site includes articles from Family Fun Magazine and is now sponsored by Disney.

Family Education Network
Almost anything related to educating your children is located at this site.
A large site containing pregnancy and parenting advice.

Kidsource Online
They describe their site as an "In-depth & timely education & healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents & children."
Provides access to over 3,000 articles from Parenting, Family Life, and Baby Talk magazines.

Parenting Resource Network
An online directory of local and state resources for parents. Also gives access to a "warmline" to call for answers to your questions and concerns.

Tufts University Child and Family Webguide
Created by faculty at Tufts University, this site reviews and recommends web sites on various parenting topics.

Library Resources

You can find information on general parenting at your local public library. Books may be located in either the Children's or Adult area classified under Dewey numbers 649.1. They may also be in a special parenting collection in the Children's area. Your local librarian will be happy to help you locate the material you need or visit your library online at


e-Parenting:Using the Internet and computers to be a better parent. by Evelyn Petersen.
Practical advice on how to use the internet to enhance your parenting skills. Includes many recommended sites to surf.

A Parent's Guide to the Internet by Ilene Raymond.
This imaginative and valuable resource provides ideas for using the Internet with your children as well as using it for yourself as a parent.

Staying Connected to Your Teenager: how to keep them talking to you and how to hear what they're really saying by Michael Riera.
Practical and useful advice on how to recognize the special qualities of your teenager. Suggestions include a how even a family trip can help your teen discover levels of connection that had previously gone undetected.

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