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Picture of Child on Internet This website is designed to be user-friendly and presents topics in "plain English" as much as possible. It teaches parents and their children about the Internet and the World Wide Web, shows them how to search the World Wide Web effectively and efficiently, and presents many excellent websites for research and homework help. This is an interactive website, with examples and exercises to follow throughout the Internet lessons. A glossary of Internet terms is also included.

If basic computer skills instruction is needed, there are some very helpful tutorials for Picture of Computer Mouse"Mouse and Keyboard Practice," ( available at the website of the Camden County Library and for mouse and keyboard instruction at the "Computer Training Tutorials" ( at the Central Kansas Library System's website. These sites cover using the mouse, using the keyboard, learning to type, etc.

An assumption that is being made is that Internet access available in the home. Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss how to connect to the Internet, Internet Service Providers, etc. here. However, there are good summaries about how to access the Internet under "Getting Started" at Internet 101 ( and "Choose an Internet Service Provider" at ( for those who desire more information on connecting to the Internet.

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Updated : March 7, 2002
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