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2006 Young Adult Poetry Contest

8TH ANNUAL TEEN POETRY CONTEST -The library held its Annual Teen Poetry Contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. Contestants were in Grades 6-12. Poem entries were original works by the contestants. Theme for this year's poetry contest was "Books : A Treasure." The Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, April 21, 2006. Representatives from Poets In Nassau assisted in judging the contest and read their poetry at the ceremony.

Photos from Awards Ceremony | Winning Poems

The winners are:

1st Place Peter Olson, South High School, Grade 11
2nd Place Caralyn Farrell, South High School, Grade 8
3rd Place John Desepoli, Holy Name of Mary School, Grade 6
Honorable Mention Megan Gilliam, Forest Road School, Grade 6
Honorable Mention Casandra Kennedy, Forest Road School, Grade 6
Honorable Mention Daniel Mulvey, Holy Name of Mary School, Grade 6
Honorable Mention Sara Sin, Forest Road School, Grade 6
Honorable Mention Kristen Wraith, South High School, Grade 8

Photos from the Awards Ceremony

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2006 Winning Poems

Wealth Untold

Get out the map, and find the X thereon.
Now hop ten spaces ‘til you find the tree.
Walk to the left – beware, the bridge is gone.
Now leap the stream and get down on one knee.

But if I do those things, what will I find?
What might my probing of the earth reveal?
A scepter laced with gold and pearl entwined?
What more than worms can this dead land conceal?

My friend, a trove more valuable than jade,
A cache enlaced with veins of sunrise gold.
One stack of books, a treasure truly made
To bless the owner with a wealth untold.

Let Austen help you leave your cares behind.
Let Plato, Frost, and Voltaire fill your mind.

•  Peter Olson

Books: A Treasure

“What is a book?” Is a question to ponder.
For starters, it is about a place way off yonder.

A storybook, an adventure, a real and true treasure,
To read a great one is a special honor and pleasure.

Pirates, heroes, and dragons too;
Every day there is a novel with something new.

Take advantage of these gems, left in an unlocked chest.
When reading the first, you open the locks to all the rest.

Reading is a gift and stories are gold,
and the passion for reading is shared by young and old.

In one lifetime you just can't read them all.
Which book to read next is a really tough call.

Never waste time, for your time is running out fast,
To learn from these books while still having a blast.

Don ‘t ever stop learning from these texts which are here,
Give them a thought and read them each year.

They may be small, but they are more important than you think,
For all the secrets of the world are told in paper and ink.

Books don't leave you until the day that you die,
So pick one up now, and give reading a try.

  Kristen Wraith

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I open into pages of life
A life unlike my own
Where fact and fiction separate the truth
And I can learn something new.

A person
That I didn’t know before
Who’s shown me their
From a new perspective.

  • Megan Gilliam


Mystery Books

Mystery books, mystery books,
They keep me in suspense,
Every flip of a page,
Every word read,
Every page number,
Every space between letters,
Makes me wonder what will happen next?

There is something magical about books,
No matter how much you read and think,
The story never stops,
When the end of a book comes,
I wonder what will happen next.

Although the book ends,
In my mind, it never does.

•  Sara Sin


The Diary

My diary
Is a sanctuary
From the outside world
Whatever I want said is said.
It knows more secrets than my closet friend
Because it is me.

My diary has eyes
Brown eyes
On the cover
Brown against black
Watching and guarding
Never tired
They stare
And haunt you, dare you to peek.

When life gets rough,
It is there,
Always accepting my opinion
Seeing things my way
It knows every fight I've ever had
Every love
Every song
Every drawing
On every new, crisp page
There is a piece of me.

Now the diary is at rest
All 360 pages taken
With my life
From January 4 th , 2004
To March 13 th , 2006
It feels like losing a good comrade …
Almost like a betrayal,
If I were to start anew.
But I must
Because I want to look back
And laugh at the child I will not always be.

•  Caralyn Farrell

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Books: A Treasure

A pirate bold
He searched for gold
Across the seven seas
Young and strong
He traveled long
For riches and for bounties

His ship was fast
With sails and mast
His crew was brave and jolly
They stormed many a ship
Busted many a lip
Made captains melancholy

One day the pirate spied
A merchant boat on the tide
A chance to gain some riches!
They raced it down
Fought all around
Threw the crew in with the fishes

The pirate to the captain went
“To take your gold is my intent,
I know you carry treasure”
The captain smiled
No longer riled
“What I have will give you pleasure”

“My treasure makes kings sigh with delight
Cause men to travel far to fight
No jewel is more exciting
It stirs men's souls
Their mind controls
No gold is more inviting

The pirate's eyes gleamed
What luck it seemed
The men exchanged some looks
He cracked open the chest
To view riches best
And let out a cry – “Books!”

  John Desepoli

A Treasured Book

A hard cover
with many words,
Tells a story
about many worlds,
A comedy to make
me laugh,
A tragedy to make
me sad,
A mystery to get
me guessing,
An adventure to get
me excited,
I love to read
a treasured book,
And take a look
inside a great book!

•  Casandra Kennedy

Books: A Treasure

Some find books like a dream.
Others think they're not what they seem.
Books are the gateway to another world
Like a rose ready to uncurl.
You may read a book about a flower,
Just don't read it in the shower!
Books can be read in the wood,
You could even read wearing a hood!
Reading a book is surely a pleasure
That is why I think they're a treasure!

•  Daniel Mulvey

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