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2008 Teen Poetry Night

Blue Arrow10TH ANNUAL TEEN POETRY NIGHT -The library held its 10th Annual Teen Poetry Contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. Contestants were from Grades 6-12. Poem entries were original works by the contestants. Theme for this year's poetry contest was "Catch the Reading Bug." The Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, April 25, 2008. Following the ceremony, YA Poet Darren Sardelli presented a poetry workshop for the teens and their families. He spoke about his poetry and getting published in several books. Then he demonstrated to the audience how to write a funny poem.

The winners were:

1 st Place
(High School)

Kristen Wraith
South High School , Grade 10



1 st Place
(Grades 6-8)

Brandy McCallum
Shaw Avenue School , Grade 6



2 nd Place
(Grades 6-8)

Jarrett Blaize
Shaw Avenue School , Grade 6



3 rd Place
(Grades 6-8)

Asim Shahid
Shaw Avenue School , Grade 6



Honorable Mention

Curtis Browne
Shaw Avenue School , Grade 6

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Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night
Photo from Teen Poetry Night

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Catch the Reading Bug

As I went cruising down the street
On warm and sunny spring day
You can never guess who I did meet
Flying just across the way

The reading bug was right there
Fluttering right beside me
He dipped and swayed through the air
He was quite a sight to see

His wings were filled with Shakespeare
Maya Angelou
James Joyce, Hans Christian Anderson,
And J.K. Rowling too

Aesop gave him his understanding of truth
And John Steinbeck supplied his face
James M. Barrie gave him his never-ending youth
And from Louisa May Alcott he received his grace

Lewis Carroll gave him his sense of time
Stephenie Mayer taught him about true love
Walt Whitman taught him how to rhyme
Jerry Spinelli helped him to understand what he was made of

The knowledge that this little bug had
Was too much for me to resist
And I knew that I wouldn't be glad
If a single piece of information was missed

I ran right after my reading bug friend
Because I knew I couldn't let him go
I finally caught him in the end
And instantly, my knowledge began to grow

If you would like to give this experience a try
You must listen to me
You need to catch the reading bug by
Going to your local library

- Kristen Wraith


Catch the Reading Bug

Catch the reading bug
Or you can read about slugs!
You can read in bed
You can even read with a piece of bread.
You can read on the couch
Or you can say ouch!
You can read here or there
You can read anywhere.

- Brandy McCallum

Catch the Reading Bug

Look left, look right
Look all around it's the
Reading bug and he's
Coming to town
We plead for the
Reading bug to help
Us read! I see it
Jumping all around but
I can't seem to
Catch it, then I
Took a leap without
Making a peep. Ah, ha
I yelled. Finally I
Caught the reading bug.
I was able to read and
Not plead that's the joy
Of having a reading
Bug beside me.

- Jarrett Blaize


The Joys of
Catching the Reading Bug

 Oh, what a joy it would be
to catch
the reading bug.

Oh, how fun it would be
to enjoy hours
of wonderful

It would be hard
to find
yet harder to catch.

Hours of work will finally pay off
when I'm home
glued to a book
thanks to the jolly
reading bug.

- Asim Shahid

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Catch the Reading Bug

A reading bug
Floating through the
Forest sing and dancing the
Way its so fun to see a reading
Bug playing and reading today.
If you see a reading bug
Grab your book and
Float away there.
It is the world
Of a book.

- Curtis Browne


Original Poem Created during Teen Poetry Night

My cafropus painted my brother's skateboard pink,
My monicorn peed in my sister's drink,
My kangarumy dyed my mother's hair green,
My alimonkey put Grandma in the washing machine,
My chickopotomus took out my grandfather's teeth,
My snabbit ate my aunt's prized wreath,
My liger threw my uncle in the bay,
I knew I shouldn't have messed with animal DNA!

Contact Ms. Eng at hwmlcontact@hotmail.com if you wish the JPEG of the full-size version of any photo sent to your e-mail address.

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