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A web page is one screen of information on the World Wide Web. Every page on the WWW has a URL or web address, and no two pages share the exact same address. Web pages are written in a computer language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the code that tells your browser how to display the web page on your screen.

A website is a collection of web pages on the World Wide Web. A website consists of related web pages, covering one topic published on the Internet by one person, company, or group. Some websites have hundreds of pages that are linked together through a system of hyperlinks. The terms, web page and website, are often used interchangeably.

Hyperlinks are words or graphics that allow you to connect to other documents, images, video, and sound on the World Wide Web. When you move your mouse over a word, a phrase, a button, or a graphic that is a hyperlink, a small hand Picture of Hand will appear. If you click on that link, you will be taken to another section of the web page, to another document, or another image on the Internet. Text hyperlinks are usually displayed in a different color and may also be underlined. After you have visited a text hyperlink, it usually changes color.

The World Wide Web is a network of websites and web pages. Through its system of hyperlinks, you can jump around all over the Internet. The Internet is not like a book where you have to read the pages in order. Sometimes, as you explore or "surf" the Internet, you will start at one website and end up somewhere that you never expected to be.

The home page of a website is the starting point of the website, similar to the table of contents of a book. It gives you an overview of what is at the website. From the home page, you will find links to other sites or links to the contents of the website.

You can get to a website if you know its URL or web address. Type the URL in the Location or Address Bar of your browser and then press the Enter key.

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The home page of the website you want to visit will download onto your computer. Some pages may take longer to download if the page's file is large. Graphic, sound, or video files, in addition to text, take longer to download. If many Internet users are trying to go to the same website at the same time, this may also slow down the download or even give you an error message. You can try to access the page again by clicking the Stop Button or Stop Light on your browser and then clicking on Refresh or Reload Button.
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If a web page is longer than your browser window, a vertical scroll bar appears to the right of the browser window. Picture of Vertical Scroll BarThe scroll bar lets you scroll down and up the web page when you place your arrow cursor on the upScroll Up Arrow or down Scroll Down Arrow arrows. You can also hold down the left mouse key and drag the slider. If a web page is wider than the browser window, a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom of the browser window to allow you to scroll from left to right. If the web page takes about two screens, the slider on the vertical scroll bar will be approximately half the length of the scroll bar. If the web page takes several screens, the slider on the vertical scroll bar will be shorter. The length of the slider can give you an idea of how long the entire web page is.

The Henry Waldinger Memorial Library Website

The URL or web address for the home page of the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library is You can reach the website by clicking on the hyperlink to that website. Or if you wish, you can type the URL in the Address or Location Bar of your browser and then press the Enter key.

Our home page is pretty straightforward. It indicates that library information is available under the topics of: Board of Trustees, Calendar, Directions, Exhibits, etc. So if you click on any of these hyperlinks, you are taken to another web page within our website. At the bottom of each individual web page, there is a hyperlink for you to return to the home page. Or you can always click on your Back Button on your browser to get back to the home page.

The library home page also includes a counter so we can keep track of how many people have visited our website. In addition, the last date that we have updated the website is indicated.

Other Home Pages and Websites to Visit

There are roughly 1,000,000,000 web pages on the WWW, and the number is growing every day. Most organizations, institutions, groups, celebrities, etc. have websites on the Internet. Some are very simple, while others are very elaborate with flashing graphics, sound, video clips, etc. Here are some websites for you to visit and compare:
Ben's Guide to 
U.S. Government for Kids
Scripps Howard 
National Spelling Bee

At the home page for Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids, roll your mouse over different parts of the picture and a small hand Picture of Hand appears where there is a hyperlink to another web page. The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee home page is relatively simple. Across the top of the home page, there is a navigation bar that lists the links to all the other web pages of the site. There are also a few hyperlinks in the text of the home page.

The Nickelodeon home page is the most elaborate of the three home pages. It has a navigation bar at the top of the page, flashing graphics, rotating banners, music and sound clips, and much, much more. If you take a look at the vertical scroll bar, you see that the slider is only about 25% long, so you can estimate that there are approximately four screens to the Nickelodeon home page. This is a very busy, active home page where almost every graphic is a hyperlink.
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Updated : March 7, 2002
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