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        60 Verona Place, Valley Stream, Long Island, NY 11582
                                             (516) 825-6422

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Valley Stream Historical Society

General Information
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Pagan-Fletcher Restoration
History of the Society
Officers of the Society
Upcoming Events & News
Panorama, The Newsletter of the Valley Stream Historical Society
Text-Only Edition Available Online - June 2006


For questions regarding the Valley Stream Historical Society or
comments regarding this site, e-mail us at: VSHistorical@earthlink.net
E-mail address is temporarily unavailable until further notice.
If you would like to contact the Valley Stream Historical Society,
e-mail the library at hwmlcontact@hotmail.com and your message
will be forwarded to the Valley Stream Historical Society.

Updated 07/17/2006

Map from HISTORY OF VALLEY STREAM, 1840-1975, compiled and written by Howard F. Ruehl.

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