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        60 Verona Place, Valley Stream, Long Island, NY 11582
                                             (516) 825-6422

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Valley Stream Historical Society

Officers of the Society  

Bertha Ballou , President
Gabe Parrish, Vice-President
Florence Gunther, Treasurer
Agnes Libath, Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Anholzer, Recording Secretary

James E. Buckley, Chairman

One Year Trustees
Stephanie Darcy
Mary Ryder
Peter Kaiser
Florence Rothage

Two Year Trustees
George Donley
Walter Harrod
William Vivenzio


Three Year Trustees
Milton Sable
Carol McKenna
Ruthanne Zwarico
Marge Chvatal
Eileen Brennan

Honorary Trustees
Helen Dowdeswell
Ted Libath
Bert Keller
Claire McMahon
Lillian Weaver
Evelyn McQuade
Alphonse Maynernik

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