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Valley Stream Historical Society

Oral History Audiocassette Recordings 

Over the past few decades, members of the Valley Stream Historical Society have been busy recording the oral history of Valley Stream, under the leadership of long-time Society member Helen Dowdeswell. With assistance from other members such as Adele Hagmann, H. Bertram Keller, and Grace Agnes Libath, over 125 oral history interviews or programs have been recorded. These unique recordings are valuable additions to the history of Valley Stream. 

These oral history audiocassette recordings are catalogued and archived at the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library, 60 Verona Place, Valley Stream, NY. Copies of the recordings are available for circulation from the library for 14 days to adult Valley Stream library cardholders and to adult Nassau County library cardholders through Direct Access. 

Request a copy of an oral history recording by mail from the Valley Stream Historical Society, P.O. Box 22, Valley Stream, NY 11582-0022 or call (516) 872-4159. There is a charge of $5.00 for each recording requested; monies must be received by the Valley Stream Historical Society prior to sending out the recording.

Interviewee Title of Oral History Audiocassette Recording
Ackerly, Mabel.  Memories of Mabel Ackerly.
Anholzer, Henry. Interview with Henry Anholzer.
Aumuller, Edwin. Interview with Edwin Aumuller.
Ballou, Bertha. Interview with Bertha Ballou.
Baries, Alfred J. Interview with Alfred J. Baries.
Barkan, Harold. Interview with Harold & Leonora Barkan.
Baum, Robert J. Interview with Robert J. Baum.
Beales, Mary Cecilia. Interview with Mary Cecilia Henrichs Andersen Beales.
Beaver, Bruce. Interview with Bruce Beaver.
Becker, Edna. Interview with Edna & Curtis Becker.
Benedict, John. Interview with John Benedict.
Bergen, Joseph. Interview with Joseph Bergen.
Bergmann, Alberta Langlotz. Interview with Alberta Langlotz Bergmann.
Berry, Keith. Interview with Keith Berry.
Boerckel, James. Interview with James Boerckel.
Boerckel, James. Recollections of the Valley Stream Fire Dept.
Borne, Ruth Collins. Interview with Ruth Collins Borne.
Botwinik, Samuel. Interview with Samuel Botwinik.
Boyden, Frank N. Interview with Frank N. Boyden.
Bragelli, Lazetta Gehm. Interview with Lazetta Gehm Bragelli.
Braunstein, Rudolph. Interview with Rudolph Braunstein.
Buckley, James. Interview with James Buckley.
Burg, Miriam L. Interview with Miriam L. Burg.
Butcher, Dorothy. Interview with Dorothy Butcher.
Chalmers, Dorothy. Interview with Dorothy Chalmers.
Chvatal, Joseph. Interview with Joseph Chvatal.
Chvatal, Marjorie McDermott. Interview with Marjorie McDermott Chvatal.
Clinchy, W. Howard. Interview with W. Howard Clinchy.
Cooke, David C. Interview with David C. Cooke & Yvonne Van Lommin Cooke.
Cronin, Dorothy Finn. Interview with Dorothy Finn Cronin.
Danby, Thomas W. Interview with Thomas W. Danby.
DeGrace, Betty. Interview with Betty DeGrace.
Deknatel, Martha Kruegar. Interview with Martha Kruegar Deknatel.
Dibble, Evelyn Hallock. Interview with Evelyn Hallock Dibble.
Dolan, Mary. Interview with Mary & Helen Dolan.
Donahue, Vincent. Interview with Vincent & Mildred Donahue.
Donaruma, Adelaide Nilsen. Interview with Adelaide Nilsen Donaruma.
Doria, Vincent. Interview with Vincent and Carmela Doria.
Doscher, Theodore. Interview with Theodore Doscher.
Dowdeswell, Helen. Memories of North Valley Stream in the 1920's.
Dowdeswell, Helen. Recollections of the 1920's.
Driscoll, Maria. Interview with Maria Driscoll.
Duncan, Gladys Logan. Interview with Gladys Logan Duncan & William Duncan.
Duryea, Clinton A. Interview with Clinton A. Duryea.
Edstrom, Elaine Vaughan. Interview with Elaine Vaughan Edstrom.
Engel, Dorothy Krugman. Interview with Dorothy Krugman Engel.
Esposito, Valerie. Interview with Valerie Esposito.
Fairchild, Gordon M. Interview with Gordon M. Fairchild & Nancy Fairchild Caban. 
Fare, Elsie Klein. Interview with Elsie Klein Fare & Wilbur Fare.
Finkenstadt, Fred. Interview with Fred Finkenstadt & Charles Miller.
Fitzgerald, Fern. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Fern Fitzgerald.
Foley, Elizabeth Reynolds. Interview with Elizabeth Reynolds Foley.
Frederick, Charles. Interview with Charles Frederick.
Freeman, Howard. Interview with Howard Freeman.
Gear, Florence. Interview with Florence & Mary Gear.
George, Agnes McGeary. Interview with Agnes McGeary George.
Gerbino, Rose Marchetti. Interview with Rose Marchetti Gerbino.
Gibbs, Alonzo L. Interview with Alonzo L. Gibbs.
Gorman, Thomas A. Interview with Thomas A. Gorman.
Gorman, Thomas A. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Thomas A. Gorman.
Gover, Joan Schoenlly. Interview with Joan Schoenlly Gover.
Grimm, Florence Kinsey. Interview with Florence Kinsey Grimm.
Groenwald, Anthony. Interview with Anthony Groenwald.
Gunther, Joseph C. Interview with Joseph C. Gunther.
Haas, Alice. Interview with Alice Haas.
Hagmann, Adele. Interview with Adele Hagmann.
Halay, Ann. Interview with Ann Halay.
Hall, Albert M. Interview with Albert M. Hall.
Hall, Myron. Interview with Myron Hall.
Harrison, Fay Calcagna. Interview with Fay Calcagna Harrison
Harrod, Walter D. Interview with Walter D. Harrod.
Hendrickson, John C. Interview with John C. Hendrickson.
Hendrickson, Milton A. Interview with Milton A. Hendrickson.
Hinton, Adelaide McDermott. Conversation between Adelaide McDermott Hinton & Marjorie McDermott Chvatal.
Holz, Frances. Interview with Frances Holz.
Houlihan, Daniel. Interview with Daniel Houlihan.
Howell, Loretta Reising. Interview with Loretta Reising Howell.
Hummel, Raymond. Interview with Raymond Hummel.
Hyman, Victor. Interview with Victor Hyman.
Jacovides, Martha. Interview with Martha Jacovides.
Joseph, Elinor Smith Woodworth. Interview with Elinor Smith Woodworth Joseph. 
Joseph, Ruth Schmidt. Interview with Ruth Schmidt Joseph.
Kaiser, Peter W. Interview with Peter W. Kaiser.
Kappauf, Madeline A. Interview with Madeline A. Kappauf.
Keenan, John. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of John Keenan.
Keidel, Richard. My favorite things about Valley Stream.
Keller, H. Bertram. History of the Grace Methodist Church, Valley Stream.
Keller, H. Bertram. Interview with H. Bertram Keller.
Keller, H. Bertram. Memories of Central High School.
Keller, Willis. Interview with Willis Keller.
Kellman, Barnet. Distinguished Alumni Award Program in honor of Barnet Kellman.
Kelly, Cecile. Interview with Mrs. Joseph (Cecile) Kelly.
Killian, George E. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of George E. Killian.
Kossack, Anne. Interview with Anne Kossack.
Krooss, Henry J. Interview with Henry J. Krooss.
Kruger, Marion Dibble. Interview with Marion Dibble Kruger.
Krugman, Chava. Interview with Chava Krugman.
Leture, Theodore. Interview with Father Theodore Leture.
Libath, Theodore O. History of the Pagan-Fletcher Restoration.
Libath, Theodore O. Interview with Theodore O. Libath.
Loeffler, John A. Interview with John A. Loeffler.
MacPherson, Dorothy Blint. Interview with Dorothy Blint MacPherson.
Mahoney, John. Interview with John Mahoney.
Malekian, George. Interview with George Malekian.
March, Ralph. Interview with Ralph March.
McAuliffe, Elinor. Interview with Elinor McAuliffe.
McGrath, Raymond. Distinguished Alumni Award Program in Honor of Raymond McGrath.
McGrath, Raymond. Interview with Raymond McGrath.
McMahon, Claire. Interview with Claire McMahon.
McQuade, Evelyn. Interview with Evelyn McQuade.
Melillo, Anthony. Interview with Anthony Melillo.
Miller, John M. Interview with John M. Miller.
Mills, Alonzo. Interview with Alonzo Mills.
Moonves, Leslie. Distinguished Alumni Award Program in Honor of Leslie Moonves.
Munson, Dorothea Thoden. Interview with Dorothea Thoden Munson.
Natoli, Catherine. Interview with Catherine Natoli & Ann Halay.
Oehler, Dennis. Interview with Dennis Oehler.
Oppenheimer, Eric. Interview with Eric Oppenheimer.
Palmer, Robert E. Interview with Robert E. Palmer.
Parrish, Gabriel. Columbia Aircraft Reunion.
Parrish, Gabriel. Interview with Gabriel Parrish.
Pierce, James W. Interview with James W. Pierce & Helen Bell Pierce.
Polychron, James. Interview with James Polychron.
Porensky, Eleanor. Interview with Eleanor Warner McCormack Porensky.
Price, William. Interview with William Price.
Primis, Lance R. Recognition ceremony in honor of Lance R. Primis.
Rabin, Jules. Interview with Jules Rabin.
Raeder, Marion. Interview with Marion & Philomena Raeder.
Rasweiler, Sarah. Interview with Sarah Lavinia Eldred Rasweiler.
Rau, Joseph. Radio Interview with Joseph Rau-September 12, 2001.
Repp, Catherine (Kay). Interview with Catherine (Kay) Repp.
Repp, Catherine (Kay). Reminiscences of Catherine Repp.
Riddick, Melvin. Interview with Melvin Riddick.
Ruehl, Howard. Interview with Howard Ruehl.
Russell, Albert. Interview with Albert Russell.
Salita, Mark. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Dr. Mark Salita
Schmidt, C. Norman. Interview with C. Norman Schmidt.
Schneider, Michael. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Mike Schneider & Ralph Penza.
Shangold, Jules. Interview with Jules Shangold.
Sherdel, Frederick F. Interview with Frederick F. Sherdel.
Sipherd, Ray. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Ray Sipherd.
Skogsberg, Arthur. Interview with Arthur Skogsberg.
Slowey, Edith Stick. Interview with Edith Stick Slowey & Laura Lindner.
Smith, John M. Interview with John M. Smith.
Spadaccino, Vincent. Interview with Vincent Spadaccino.
Spina, Peter A. Recognition Ceremony in Honor of Peter A. Spina.
Tempel, Ernest. Interview with Ernest Tempel - 10/06/86.
Tempel, Ernest. Memories of Ernest Tempel - 05/19/82.
Tepe, Jerome. Interview with Jerome Tepe.
Totten, Vera. Interview with Vera Totten.
Tripp, Dorothy. Interview with Dorothy Tripp.
V.S. Historical Society. Conversations - March 24, 1983.
VanderClute, Betty. Interview with Betty & Burt VanderClute.
Verbesey, Marie Maxwell. Interview with Marie Maxwell Verbesey.
Vielbig, Joseph Henry. Interview with Joseph Henry Vielbig.
Walther, Evelyn Golder. Interview with Evelyn Golder Walther.
Wandell, George W. Interview with George W. Wandell.
Weaver, Lillian Rack. Interview with Lillian Rack Weaver.
West, Howard M. Interview with Howard M. West.
Wood, Charles. Interview with Charles Wood.
Young, Carolyn Raeder. Interview with Carolyn Raeder Young & Frank Dwight Young.
Zabatta, Joseph. Interview of Joseph Zabatta.
Zang, Helen Frering. Interview with Helen Frering Zang.
Zipperlen, Charles P. Interview with Charles P. Zipperlen.
Zura, Robert W. Interview with Robert W. Zura.


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